Sleeping with your pussy

sleeping pussy
Pussies are warm and cuddly and generally fun to snuggle with. You probably know that already.

You probably also know that even though they are warm and cuddly sometimes they are not fun to sleep with. That is because they are nocturnal animals and like to wait until you are on the verge of sleep before starting to clean themselves and race around trying to catch their tails and dragging dead cigarette butts and other little surprises into bed to bury under the sheets.

And every time you wake up and try to catch them so you can throw them through the window they race under the bed and hide there until you give up and are on the verge of sleep again, then race out and begin all over.

candle pussy

When the hairy little beggar finally does settle down (usually about the first light), it decides to do it in the exact middle of the bed so you cannot stretch your legs, or on your pillow so every time you roll over you get a mouth full of hairs.

But let's take it one problem at a time. Your first is getting your pussy to settle down.

Getting Your Pussy To Settle Down: Of course, the easy way out is to put sleeping pills into your pussy's midnight snack. In fact, short of wrapping your pussy in a size 11 black sock, this is the only way out. Do it. But don't let your pussy have a nightcap. It could be dangerous.

Positioning Your Pussy: Once your pussy has settled down, you have to decide where to put it in bed. In the middle is no good and on the pillow is no good, both for reasons already mentioned. Under the pillow might be okay, except if the sleeping pill wears off before you wake up, pussy will think it is in an Edgar Allan Poe story and go bananas, probably clawing your face down to your brains trying to escape. You do not want this to happen. Under the covers is no good for the same reason.

The only solution, really, is to buy a big basket and put a soft pad in it and sleep in there and let pussy sleep wherever it wants.

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