How to eat with your pussy

hungry pussy
Many people who have pussies feed them separately rather than with the rest of the family. And it's no wonder. We have been brainwashed to believe that pussies should be fed on the floor from plastic dishes-just think back to all the pictures you've ever seen of pussies eating or to television commercials for cat food-and not at the table like human beings, which pussies would be if they weren't cats.

Eating with your pussy can be a great deal of fun, if you are willing to accept the fact that in the beginning, the cat is going to walk in a few salads and bat a few spare ribs onto the floor. But honestly, it'll all be worth it, once you teach the cute little critter the rudiments of etiquette.

The Rudiments of Etiquette: Here are some rules you should make sure your pussy learns if it is going to have its own little chair and its own little silverware and its own little place at the table.

1. Keep your hind feet off the table.
2. It's okay to play with your food; don't play with mine.
3. Don't drag greasy food onto the floor unless you have permission; I'm never going to give you permission.
4. It's alright to wash your hands and face at the table after eating but save the more private parts until everyone else has finished eating.
5. Don't look at me like that; I'm not giving you any more prime rib.

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